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2016-2017 State of the Service Report has been tabled in Parliament

The 2016-2017 State of the Service report was tabled in Parliament on 27 November 2017.

The recently published 2016-17 State of the Service Report reveals that the APS is well positioned to embrace the changes and challenges of the future of work. Some significant changes are on the horizon, while others are already here.

To respond to these changes and challenges, the APS is ensuring that people with the right skills are employed in the right way, in the right job at the right time. We are a diverse workforce and working towards levels of representation that mirror broader Australian society. We engage in innovative and collaborative activities and are seeking to better manage the performance of our people. Many of us have taken up flexible working arrangements.

Our agencies have commenced on a digital transformation journey. Most are engaging with citizens in new and varied ways. Some are already employing augmented intelligence technologies. We recognise that the data we hold and generate is a significant resource and are working to ensure that it can be accessed and used effectively.

For the third year, the full report has been complemented by regular thematic online updates. These updates have provided timely access to valuable data. The updates and the full report are available here.

Last reviewed: 
27 June 2018