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Workplaces that embrace a diverse and inclusive environment unlock new perspectives and ways of solving problems. These workplaces generate creativity and innovation, and produce more sustainable and effective outcomes.

The advisory service covers Indigenous employment strategies and implementation as well as provides expert advice on areas of strength and areas of focus utilising the following guiding principles:

  • Start with building relationships and awareness
  • Enable and empower (as opposed to criticise) —work with agencies “culture” to enable solutions
  • Bring everyone along for the ride (including internal stakeholders)
  • Evidence based always
  • Cultural capability is a shared journey.

Support services are based around the principle that agency culture varies, even though governance frameworks and legislative bases are similar. The Commission provides tailored advice on workforce diversity and Indigenous employment strategies as well as cultural awareness solutions that support agencies to build their Indigenous Cultural Capability.

Last reviewed: 
3 October 2019