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AGLN NQ - Committee meetings

Key Messages from AGLN-NQ Committee Meeting 27 February 2020

  • We are pleased to announce that Dr Simon Banks, General Manager, Great Barrier Reef Operations at the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and AGLN-NQ Committee member will share the AGLN-NQ Committee Chair role in 2020 with Nicole Dykstra.
  • A robust and informative discussion was held around the current issues impacting agencies including the bushfires, coronavirus and machinery of government changes.
  • Planning for AGLN-NQ events to be held in the first half of the year has commenced.
  • The State of the Service Roadshow is scheduled for 5 March in Townsville. The event has moved to the Raffles Room at Rydges Southbank. Register here.
  • The APS HR Professional Stream Townsville Network met in February and has commenced discussions about running a cross-agency mentoring program based off the AGLN-NQ pilot from 2018. An event on Strategic HR was held on 19 February via livestream from Canberra. Any interested staff working in HR that would like to join the Townsville network can email AGLN-NQ [at] ato.gov.au to join the mailing list and be invited to future meetings.
  • We look forward to an exciting year and exploring options on working better together across the APS network in the Townsville region.

Key Messages from AGLN-NQ Committee Meeting 21 November

  • The final AGLN-NQ event is scheduled for Friday 29th November from 4-6pm at the Watermark.
  • Information will be circulated about a possible cross-agency environmental challenge in the new year in collaboration with ReefHQ Aquarium.
  • Work is underway to develop a protocol for the emergency season. Following the Business Continuity and Emergency Response meeting on 3 December, details of how to contact other agencies in the event of an emergency will be circulated.
  • The APSC has established the APS HR Professional Stream and Network. Townsville has formed a local network. Any interested staff working in HR that would like to join the Townsville network can email AGLN-NQ [at] ato.gov.au to join the mailing list and be invited to future meetings.
  • Planning for 2020 has commenced. AGLN-NQ will also refresh the Committee next year, so please consider if you would be interested in joining the Committee in 2020.
  • 2019 was another successful year for the AGLN-NQ and we look forward to more success in 2020.
  • We would like to wish you all a safe and happy festive season.

Key Messages – AGLN-NQ Committee Meeting 21 August 2019

  • We will continue our efforts to update and refresh our emergency protocol to ensure we are ready for emergency events that may occur.
  • We are excited to have supported the APS Wide Conference on 29 August which had topics specifically tailored to our region. We were happy to see representatives from our various agencies there.
  • We will be having conversations with the APSC regarding learning and development opportunities locally. 
  • The next networking event is scheduled for 22 October and will hopefully have a focus on the outcomes of the APS Review. Further details will be sent out regarding this event once details are confirmed.
  • We will look to hold a Christmas drinks event outside of our agencies to celebrate 2019. More details will be circulated regarding this event as it gets closer to Christmas.
  • Our last AGLN-NQ Breakfast event at NRL Cowboys House was very successful. A very big thank you goes to Jessica Ballinger from Dept. Social Services for organising the event.

Key Messages – AGLN-NQ Committee Meeting 9 May 2019

  • We will be undertaking a membership refresh for the AGLN-NQ Committee. We will be writing out to our AGLN-NQ Contacts in coming weeks, providing terms of reference and inviting expressions of interest for new members.
  • AGLN-NQ will look to hold a breakfast event at Cowboys House on 9 August, allowing more connection with the community. Keep your eyes out for an invite to attend the event.
  • The APSC Conference is scheduled to be held in Townsville on 29 August. Further details will be provided by the APSC in the coming months.
  • Other events for this year will include another breakfast even in September/October and a Christmas event in November/December.

Key Messages – AGLN-NQ Committee Meeting 7 December 2018

  • The APSC will look to hold a State of the Service event in Townsville in 2019, tentatively scheduled for 21 March, however this is still to be confirmed.
  • AGLN-NQ will hold a breakfast networking event in March/April 2019, with the date to be confirmed after the date for the State of the Service event is confirmed.
  • The APSC are looking to hold another APSC Conference in Townsville in 2019, with the date yet to be determined.
  • The AGLN-NQ Cross Agency Mentoring Program Pilot closed at the end of September. A final report has been developed and was presented at the December meeting. Overall, the program was well received and participants found the program worthwhile. it is recommended that the program continue into the future, however we will look to cut red tape and make it as easy as possible to participate and administer.
  • 2018 was another successful year for the AGLN-NQ and we look forward to more success in 2019.
  • We would like to wish you all a safe and happy festive season.

Key Messages – AGLN-NQ Committee Meeting 20 September 2018

  • AGLN-NQ will be moving to quarterly meetings in 2019.
  • An Agency Showcase Breakfast was held on Thursday 27 September, featuring a presentation by ATO Deputy Commissioner and AGLN-NQ Chair Nicole Dykstra about the ATO’s Tax Gap work.
  • It is proposed that quarterly networking events will be held in 2019.
  • The Cross-Agency Mentoring Program Pilot finished on Friday 28 September. Final evaluation questionnaires have been received from mentors, mentees and mentee managers. A final report will be prepared and presented at the November AGLN-NQ Committee meeting.

Key Messages – AGLN-NQ Committee Meeting 25 June 2018

  • The APS wide Conference is being held in Townsville on Thursday 26 July at Rydges. The Committee is seeking your support to register your staff to attend this event.
  • The ATO recently held an Emerging Leaders Day, and invited 7 agencies to send an emerging leader to attend. Feedback received indicated that participants enjoyed the day which involved:
    • a reflection session about strength’s based leadership
    • a discussion from ATO Deputy Commissioners Nicole Dykstra and Deborah Jenkins about future focus
    • a panel discussion about leadership featuring ATO DCs Nicole Dykstra and Deborah Jenkins, Will Randolph from Department of Defence and Tony Williams from Yurika (Energy Queensland)
    • table discussions about current topics relevant to the current APS
    • development of an action plan where emerging leaders could commit to the actions they would take post the event.
  • The AGLN-NQ Cross-Agency Mentoring Program pilot continues to progress well. The mid-program evaluation has been sent to mentors and mentees to complete, with 80% of the evaluations returned to date. In summary:
    • The main reasons for participating in the mentoring program pilot were to develop or improve leadership skills, and develop or improve wider APS view. Other reasons included improving career opportunities, developing networks, giving back to the wider APS community, and sharing experiences.
    • One-hundred of responses indicated that they found the supporting documentation helpful however two participants requested more information be included in the supporting documents.
    • Only 20% of participants have included their involvement in the mentoring program in their performance agreement.
    • Eighty percent of participants have held 2 meetings, while 20% have held four.
    • One-hundred percent of participants have found the program worthwhile so far.
  • The Business and Community working party is working with the Small Business Champion regarding the Regulator Rally event in Townsville on 17 October.
  • There will be a possible networking event in September. It will be a breakfast format with a small cover charge, as the last breakfast event was well attended and positive feedback was received. Further details will be provided closer to the event.

Other APS agencies are invited to volunteer to host future networking events or AGLN-NQ Committee meetings. Please register your interest with AGLN-NQ [at] ato.gov.au

Key Messages – AGLN-NQ Committee Meeting 16 April 2018

  • Common themes of culture, learning & development, efficient and effective use of resources and values.
  • The APSC have confirmed they will be holding another conference in Townsville this year. The event is tentatively booked for July 26 however the venue is still to be confirmed.
  • AGLN-NQ is still looking to try some different networking events for 2018.  Ideas for events and agency speakers for events would be appreciated and can be sent to the AGLN-NQ [at] ato.gov.au mailbox
  • The ATO is aiming to host a cross-agency event in May – date to be confirmed and advertised shortly. 
  • The AGLN-NQ Cross-Agency Mentoring Program has officially commenced. 5 mentors and 5 mentees have been paired based on skills and needs.
  • The AGLN-NQ is looking at opportunities to facilitate broader Indigenous connections in our region. Ideas and suggestions can be sent to the AGLN-NQ [at] ato.gov.au mailbox
  • The ATO is hosting an Emerging Leaders Day in early June and will be offering a limited number of places for APS Agencies in Townsville to nominate an emerging leader to attend.
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11 August 2020