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APS agency heads and APS statutory office holders

In February 2008, the Australian Government introduced a policy implementing transparent and merit-based assessment in the selection of most Australian Public Service (APS) agency heads and other statutory offices working in, or in conjunction with, agencies which operate under the Public Service Act 1999.

The arrangements also ensure that existing office holders are given sufficient notice as to whether or not they will be reappointed and that vacancies will be advertised well in advance of them falling due.

The merit selection processes are outlined in Merit and Transparency: Merit-based selection of APS agency heads and APS statutory office holders.

The Merit and Transparency policy and guidelines apply only to APS agencies that operate under the Public Service Act 1999. All current and future APS agency head roles, full-time APS statutory offices and APS statutory offices where there are both full time and part time offices with the same title, are covered by the policy. Please refer to the list of exclusions.

Reintegration of statutory office holders into the APS

Where a person resumes duties as an ongoing APS employee following a period as a statutory office holder in an APS agency, there is now scope for an agency head to promote the person without the normal advertising and selection process, where the Public Service Commissioner (the Commissioner) agrees. Amendments have been made to thePublic Service Commissioner's Directions 1999 (the Commissioner's Directions) with effect from 29 June 2009 to introduce this provision.

Circular 2009/3 Reintegration of statutory office holders into the APS provides detailed information.

APS employees who take up full-time statutory appointment

Generally, APS employees who take up a full-time statutory appointment would apply to their agency head for leave without pay. Leave without pay is not mandatory and the discretion to grant it rests with the relevant agency head. Alternatively, the employee might resign from the APS .

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30 October 2018