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Addressing current and future digital capability needs of the APS.

On Thursday 30 April 2020 the Australian Public Service (APS) Digital Professional Stream was formally launched by the Australian Public Service Commissioner, Peter Woolcott. In his capacity as the overarching Head of Professions, the Commissioner announced the appointment of Randall Brugeaud, Chief Executive Officer of the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA), as the Digital Head of Profession. The launch of the Digital Professional Stream follows the successful launch of the APS HR Professional Stream in late 2019.

The Digital Professional Stream Strategy has been developed through a senior reference group. This group is Chaired by the CEO of the DTA and made up of key Chief Information Officers from the departments of Home Affairs and Defence, the Australian Taxation Office, and Services Australia, and representatives from the departments of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and Finance. The aim of the Strategy is to lift the digital expertise of the APS workforce to meet long-term capability needs to transform government services.

There are also some initial signature initiatives to create visibility and momentum:

  • Establish the profession – taking an iterative approach involving key stakeholders
  • Targeted skills uplift – as an immediate need to lift some critical, advanced digital skills such as SAP skills, cloud and design
  • Foundational skills for all – providing access to basic digital skills for almost everyone working in the APS today, for example, agile teams, basic user research
  • Sample skills assessment – for a sample of 100 volunteers across the APS to help them develop individual development plans and digital career pathway options
  • Diversity – look at work design and workplace flexibility to leverage diversity in digital talent.

Why be part of the Digital Profession?

If an APS employee wants to grow and advance their digital career, the Digital Professional Stream is the way to do that. It’s all about knowing how we can understand and support APS employees to be the best digital professional they can be.

The DTA has mapped more than 150 digital roles, for example, Architecture, Service Design, Interaction Design and Software Engineering — into digital career pathways to enable people to more easily upskill people into critical roles.

Individuals in the professions will be equipped to make deliberate and informed decisions about their digital careers. The DTA is also working with APS agencies to grow the numbers of new recruits into core APS digital roles through the Emerging Talent apprentice, cadet and graduate programs.

More than 10 per cent of the Senior Executive Service in the APS has already participated in the ‘Leading in a Digital Age’ leadership program, run by the DTA and Australian Public Service Commission. The aim of this program is to help participants become better leaders and enablers of digital transformation, and of digital ways of working in the APS. 

The professional careers of APS digital practitioners is a high priority.

We need you! We are now calling on members of the APS to indicate their interest in helping us take a design led approach to the development of the profession.

If you are interested, please complete the registration form. You will receive a monthly newsletter containing information on how you can get involved and current initiatives within the Stream.

Learn more about the Digital Professional Stream

Last reviewed: 
21 May 2020