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A structured way to build and uplift strategic HR skills across the APS

On Monday, 28 October 2019 the Australian Public Service (APS) HR Professional Stream Strategy was formally launched by the APS Commissioner Peter Woolcott. The Strategy will support the establishment of the HR professional stream by identifying core, long-term capability needs, standards and career pathways. It will draw on public, private, domestic and international experience and best practice. The Commissioner also announced the appointment of Jacqui Curtis, Chief Operating Officer of the Australian Taxation Office as the HR Head of Profession. In this role Jacqui will champion strategic HR capability and create strong collaboration across the APS to deliver the initiatives in the Strategy.

More than 1,100 APS HR Professionals from 65 agencies joined the event in over 20 locations across the country. 

Download the video transcript (Word 38kb).

There are a number of external challenges and forces shaping the APS and how we deliver for government and the Australian community. We need a public service that is united, trusted and focused on the people of Australia. Our challenge is to be more adaptive and responsive, ensuring we can attract, develop, mobilise and retain talented and capable people.

We want the APS to be an employer of choice, with a high-performing, diverse and flexible workforce able to be mobilised as needed. Capability will be seamlessly identified and deployed to strategic priorities across the APS for the benefit of the system.

We need to be take action now, as we deal with today’s challenges and build an APS that is fit for the future. The HR function in the APS is a key change leader that can enable us to meet our aspiration as a trusted APS, united in serving all Australians.

The HR Professional Stream will complement work emerging in other areas including the legal, economics, digital and policy streams. The development of professional streams will collectively provide formal, focused professionalisation of the APS workforce.

You can find out more about the initiatives to deliver the APS HR Professional Stream Strategy by joining the APS HR Professional Network GovTEAMS community.

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Last reviewed: 
24 February 2021