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APS News July 2019

APS News July 2019 – Innovation is in the air

ARPANSA supports effective cancer treatment

Nestled in the leafy surrounds of Melbourne’s North East suburbs is a facility using innovative technology to contribute to the care of cancer patients around Australia. Not a single patient comes for treatment, but the work the scientists do here has a big impact on their treatment. read more

Innovation and antibiotics – as one goes up, the other goes down

One example of innovative work is when the Behavioural Economics Team of the Australian Government teamed up with the Department of Health to lower antibiotic prescribing... read more

AGS’s new internal charging model begins on 1 July 2019

Innovation can take many forms, and can include taking a different approach for a better outcome. The Australian Government Solicitor is hoping that a change coming into effect from... read more

APSwide conference series registrations now open

The world is changing at a rate never seen before. From advancements in technology, to new ways of working and delivering training, almost everything is undergoing frequent and ongoing change... read more

How to claim work-related expenses this tax time

When you want to find out what public servants can and can’t claim at tax time, it’s best to hear it from the source itself: the Australian Taxation Office. There are three golden rules for claiming... read more

The next wave of public sector improvement

After more than a year gathering evidence and testing ideas, the independent panel conducting the review of the Australian Public Service is finalising its work. … read more

The 2019 APS Employee Census is now complete

The 2019 APS employee census is now complete for another year with a fantastic response rate of 77%, up from 74% in 2018. We’re impressed with agencies’ efforts to boost staff participation and engagement … read more

Spotlight on a small agency
The Organ and Tissue Authority

Amanda Nicol from the Organ and Tissue Authority (OTA) in Canberra, says the work done at her agency really does change and save lives. “OTA’s a small but fantastic agency that works with states … read more

Chart of the month
Perceptions of innovation

The 2018 APS employee census asked five questions about people’s perception of innovation within their agency. These were used to create the APS’s overall innovation index score of 64% … read more




Communities of interest
Culturally and linguistically diverse networks

Culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) networks work to create supportive and inclusive work environments for CALD staff in their agency. Some of their activities include celebrating … read more


Partners of the APS
ANZSOG – examining innovation around the world

When the APS Review panel headed by David Thodey needed some research into future scenarios for the APS, who did they ask? ANZSOG. The Australia and New Zealand School of Government … read more

Awards and competitions

  • Be featured at APSwide and in the next APS News! We want to showcase the diverse places that public servants work through photos of you in your home town. read more


Upcoming events

  • Innovation Month, 1-31 July, showcases all aspects of innovation in the public sector. This year is all about experimentation, with the theme Test. Fail. Learn. Deliver. Check out the event schedule with more than 30 events from agencies and private industry and register today.
  • The Coming of the Light is a holiday celebrated by Torres Strait Islanders on 1 July each year. It recognises the adoption of Christianity through island communities during the late nineteenth century.
  • The next APS L&D Community of Practice gathering on 3 July includes a presentation by L&D Strategist Michelle Ockers on building L&D capability and learning culture. Email development [at] apsc.gov.au for more information.
  • NAIDOC Week, 7-14 July.
  • NAIDOC touch football carnival, 10 July.
  • Grad Hack, 25 July, an interactive event designed to simulate a high-pressure work environment where graduates work in teams on an APS agency challenge.
  • The APSwide conference series will be in all capital cities, and Townsville, from August to October.
  • Digital Summit, 12 August.

Learning and development
Build your ‘Core’ Strength

The Learning and Development Calendar for July to December 2019 is now available. With the establishment of your new Performance Agreement for the 2019-20 year, now is the perfect time to talk with your supervisor about your development needs to meet your objectives.
Whether you’re looking to build your career, enhance your communication skills or develop your management expertise, the calendar offers a learning and development opportunity to suit you. View available dates and register for programs at APSLearn.


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31 July 2019