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APS News June 2019

Ingredients for change in the APS

Investment in people’s skills and abilities, updated systems and a culture which allows risk and failure – some of the ingredients a cross section of public servants say they need to make change happen … read more


A decade of Ethics Advisory Services

Sometimes we’re faced with problems that don’t have clear solutions. This is where the Ethics Advisory Service (EAS) comes in. This month marks the tenth anniversary of the service … read more


Test. Fail. Learn. Deliver – this Innovation Month

There’s a reason we start learning to drive in the car park at school. There’s a reason we don’t go straight onto a four lane highway. There’s no good reason this principle of starting small and delivering big … read more


Be ready for tax time this year

This year, the way you get your payment summary may change. This is because most Commonwealth departments and agencies are now reporting pay, tax and super information direct to the ATO each payday … read more


Connect with APS employees involved in capability development

Do you coordinate, procure, design or deliver learning opportunities for your agency’s employees? Do you want to connect with other learning and development practitioners across the APS, or build your professional capability? … read more



Last reviewed: 
5 June 2019