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APS News May 2017: fostering a flexible, efficient, high performing APS

This month’s newsletter focuses on opportunities for staff across the APS to build capability and prepare themselves to operate effectively now and in the future. Our Executive Level 2 leadership programs seek to develop both the competence and confidence of that critical middle management layer. It is these “coal face” leaders who are shaping our future workforce, by whom they recruit, how they develop their potential, the performance standards they set and the way they manage staff who fail to meet expectations.

Effective access to the broadest possible workforce is also key to our future success. Our Indigenous mentoring program is an important part of the strategy to advance Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees. And our AGLN national leadership conferences will give participants a chance to explore how to attract and develop tomorrow's workforce.

So sign up for some of these initiatives, or encourage your staff, colleagues – or bosses! – whom you think would benefit. And don’t forget to have your say when the APS Census hits your screen. This data really shapes our future policies, programs and initiatives.

Strengthening leadership capability at the Executive Level

Executive Level 2 staff in Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne are invited to participate in upcoming Leadership and Practice and Leadership Expansion programs commencing in May, June and July.

These programs strengthen the leadership capability of mid-level managers across the APS. They support participants to become more skillful in converting strategic direction into operational outcomes and balancing a range of competing demands to deliver on current and emerging agency priorities.

Past participants have noted the value of these programs with evaluation comments such as “each module had things which I found useful” and that the program helped them in “understanding how to deal with uncomfortable situations, dealing with competing priorities and hidden assumptions and understanding the relevance of different roles”.

Each program is delivered over a three month period and includes three facilitated workshops, workplace learning and individual development planning. For more information on the Expansion programs click here.  

The APS Indigenous Mentoring Program

The response to the call for nominations for the APS-wide Indigenous Mentoring Program across the country has been fantastic. Mentor training combined with a Mentor/Mentee networking event will be conducted during May/June.

Nominations for the Program remain permanently open, so if you’re an energetic and experienced leader who would be proud to share your skills and knowledge with Indigenous APS employees OR if you’re an Indigenous APS employee who is keen to develop professionally and personally, we would love to hear from you, particularly if you’re located outside Canberra!

Go to our Indigenous Careers website, or contact the Indigenous Employment Team at indigenous [at] apsc.gov.au for more information.

The Australian Government Leadership Network (AGLN) conference series

The Future of Work is the theme for our 2017 nation-wide conference series.

Kicking off on 18 May in Townsville we have a stellar speaker line-up including:

  • Kathryn Campbell CSC Secretary, Department of Human Services
  • John Fraser, Secretary to the Treasury
  • Lieutenant Colonel Gabrielle M. Follett, Commanding Officer 3rd Combat Service Support Battalion
  • Wally Tallis, General Manager, Enterprises, Indigenous Business Australia

For more information on the AGLN conference series and to purchase tickets, visit our website: www.apsc.gov.au/agln.

Did you know…

Preliminary results from our Ripple app trial are in! Check out the initial findings from our performance management app trial here. The final report is due mid-year and will explore whether the Ripple can become a Wave in positively influencing performance in the workplace.

Reminder: 2017 APS census opening in early May

Your views matter!

This month we’ll be inviting you to share your thoughts, opinions and experiences of working in your agency and the broader APS via the 2017 APS employee census. You’ll receive an email invitation to participate and we’ll be following up with some fieldwork in May and June.

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The results of this survey will be used by the Australian Public Service Commission and agencies to inform planning and initiatives. The data also enables evaluation and identifies improvement areas to working conditions for you and your colleagues.  Hide content

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5 June 2018