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APS News November 2017

We're thrilled by the increasing readership of APS News across the country. With around 150,000 APS staff receiving APS News each month and click-throughs rising, we're inviting article submissions that showcase excellence across the APS. Email your stories to communication [at] apsc.gov.au.

Next week, we celebrate the remarkable efforts by individuals and agencies to foster diversity and gender equality in their workplace. The inaugural awards ceremony will be held in Canberra on Wednesday 8 November and everyone is welcome - tickets available online.

In the lead up to tabling the annual State of the Service Report (SoSR) in late November, we're sharing some of the latest trends across the APS via our SoSR blog. Included in this data is implementation of innovations. This was a key topic during our national Australian Government Leadership Network conference series, which focussed on the future of work. Keep an eye out for the 2018 series, to be launched in the coming months.

For the love of work
You enjoy your job and are happy to ‘go the extra’ mile at work. This is what the APS attitudes at a glance tell us about a large portion of the 2017 APS workforce.
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Agencies across the APS to be recognised in Diversity and Gender Equality Awards
Finalists for the 2017 APS Diversity and Gender Equality Awards have been announced!
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Let your grad talent shine!
Our Graduate Development Program builds on these traits through an integrated learning experience that is APS focused.
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Spotlight on the EL2 role
Know what it takes to be a high-performing EL2?
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Clear expectations, when is a text OK?
As a manager, do you and your employees have an agreement about how you communicate absence?
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Long Service Leave - do you know how it works?
Did you know that employees are generally entitled to three months of long service leave after ten years of eligible service?
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Updated case summaries from the Merit Protection Commissioner
The Office of the Merit Protection Commissioner recently updated their case summaries on their website.
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23 May 2018