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APS News October 2017: fostering a flexible, efficient, high performing APS

As the days get brighter and the evenings stretch, the arrival of long weekends in many states provides an opportunity for the long sought after work life balance. In our October newsletter, we’re highlighting the importance of embracing diversity in our workplace ahead of the APS Diversity and Gender Equality Awards. Have you nominated someone or are you interested in coming along to the awards ceremony? It could be your agency that’s recognised for going above and beyond to foster inclusion, diversity and gender equality.

Hot off the press, the Commission’s APS Statistical Bulletin 2016-17 shows that Indigenous representation has increased over the last five years and is moving toward the APS contribution to the Commonwealth Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander target of 3.8% by 2018. The Bulletin also clearly shows how widely the APS is spread across the country. Did you know that the Centre for Leadership and Learning has many programs for staff outside of Canberra? These programs at all levels give not only an opportunity to learn or relearn skills but most importantly the time and space to build important networks between participants.

Recognising Diversity and Gender Equality
It was fantastic to see so many wonderful nominations for the 2017 APS Diversity and Gender Equality Awards outlining the exciting initiatives happening across the APS!
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Jawun Secondment Opportunities
Have you ever considered relocating for six weeks to help develop and support an Indigenous community?
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Championing Inclusion for Employees with Disability
Have you heard about the APS Disability Champions Network? The Network is a group of SES leaders who advocate for and promote initiatives within their agency to improve the APS for people with disability.
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Stats are back with APS Statistical Bulletin 2016-17
In line with the Australian population and its workforce, the APS workforce is ageing. This is one of the key findings in the annual snapshot of the APS workforce published in the APS Statistical Bulletin 2016-17 recently.
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Are you an exceptional leader?
Are you looking to strengthen your leadership skills? Does your leadership help or hinder the performance of your team?
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A break between jobs could be expensive for working mums
The APS has been a leader in taking care of its working mothers, introducing progressive maternity leave entitlements after the marriage bar was lifted in 1966.
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Give your stakeholder relationships a boost
In today’s fast paced world of government work, there’s a high value on the importance of collaboration with stakeholders.
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It pays to learn what you can claim at tax time
The ATO has produced a guide for public servants to consider when claiming deductions.
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17 May 2018