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APS role evaluation guidance and tool

APS Level and Executive Level classifications


WHAT is role evaluation?

Role evaluation is the method of determining the relative work value of a job (role) through assessing the nature, impact and accountabilities of the role. Evidence to support this assessment should be gathered and considered in a structured and systematic way.

WHEN to use the APS Role Evaluation Tool?

In support of consistent classification decision-making across the Australian Public Service (APS), agencies are encouraged to incorporate a structured role evaluation process into their classification management practices.

The APS Role Evaluation Tool can be used by agencies to determine the appropriate classification level for new or existing roles (from APS Level 1 to Executive Level 2) and/or in conjunction with job design activities.

WHY have the APS Role Evaluation Tool?

The APS Role Evaluation Tool and supporting guidance has been developed in response to recommendations made in the APS Classification Review and to support agencies by providing a common approach to assessing roles and determining the appropriate classification level of roles across the APS.

The APS Role Evaluation Tool provides a systematic, objective and consistent way to measure the relative value of jobs in line with the APS work level standards.

WHO should use the APS Role Evaluation Tool?

The APS Role Evaluation Tool is designed to be used by HR practitioners and APS managers. The process may involve role incumbents and other stakeholders as appropriate.

The tool provides definitions and descriptions closely linked to the APS work level standards (APS Level and Executive Level classifications) in order for an assessment to be made of the role against the standards.

HOW to use the APS Role Evaluation Tool?

Prior to using the assessment tool, users should familiarise themselves with all of the information included in this document. This document is comprised of five key parts:


The APS Role Evaluation Tool and supporting guidance was prepared by the Australian Public Service Commission’s Staffing Policy team. We thank and acknowledge the contribution of agencies that participated in the APS Classification Review Working Group and the agencies who participated in the trial of the draft tool. Without their assistance this tool would not have been possible.

Further advice

Further information on classification management is available on the Commission’s website or by contacting the staffing policy team via staffingpolicy [at] apsc.gov.au.

Last reviewed: 
29 May 2018