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The Australian Public Service Statistical Bulletin 2015–16 presents a summary of employment under the Public Service Act 1999 at 30 June 2016 and for the preceding financial year. The Bulletin also includes summary data for the past 15 years. The Bulletin is a valuable resource for agencies to assist them with workforce planning, in benchmarking their workforces against other agencies and against APS averages.

The data source for the Bulletin is the APS Employment Database. Employee data is provided by APS agencies and sourced from their HR information systems.

The Bulletin serves as a public record for the annual snapshot of APS employment.

John Lloyd PSM
Australian Public Service Commissioner

September 2016


Main features

Section 1: All employees

Section 2: Non-ongoing employees

Section 3: Ongoing employees

Section 4: Movements


Promotions and transfers


Section 5: Diversity


Last reviewed: 
5 June 2018