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Chart showing increasing positive perceptions of agency commitment to workplace diversity

Chart of the month

Positive perceptions of agency commitment to workplace diversity on the up

In 2018, about three-quarters of APS employee census respondents agreed their agency is committed to creating a diverse workforce. This chart shows a greater increase in positive perceptions since 2016.

Commitment to creating a diverse workforce is important because it enables new ideas and different ways of thinking. Employees from a range of backgrounds bring different experiences and perspectives to problem solving in various situations, adding value to policy development and offering more tailored service delivery to the Australian public.

An inclusive environment facilitates the attraction and retention of employees from diverse backgrounds, opening the APS to a wider talent pool.

Caption: APS employee perceptions of agency commitment to creating a diverse workforce, 2013-18

Find out more about workplace diversity in the Diversity and inclusion chapter of the State of the Service Report.