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#aps4aus Mission to Mars

Questacon team working behind the scenes to create new experiences for reopening

Even though Questacon’s doors have been closed to the public, the Questacon team have been busy behind the scenes.

The team have accelerated some much-loved programs into an online format, and have created new experiences for the public when Questacon reopens. Questacon’s former physical Enterprising Australians exhibition has been made fully digital and the space has been repurposed into a new live beehive exhibit. 

A hive of European honey bees have been settled in and are buzzing happily. Questacon will also be replacing the iconic Moon installation currently in its galleries, with an equally breathtaking model of Mars.

The Café has seen some changes too, with the installation of an art and science piece featuring a local river system as well as a second service point for coffee and food ready for the returning public as Questacon reopens. These projects have created work both for existing Questacon staff and local contractors during this difficult period.

Visit Questacon to view the Mission to Mars.