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The standard RecruitAbility branding is below. You can use your agency's logo with the RecruitAbility logo or use the logo without the agency logo.

Please contact the Commission at diversity [at] apsc.gov.au to obtain a high resolution image file.

Applicant information pack

Agencies are encourage to use the following wording in their applicant information packs.


The [insert agency name] is committed to supporting the employment and career development of people with
disability. Our participation in APS RecruitAbility means we will progress an applicant with disability to a further stage
in the recruitment process, where they opt into RecruitAbility and meet the minimum requirements for the vacancy.

How do I opt into RecruitAbility?

You will be asked to indicate if you wish to opt into RecruitAbility in the Diversity Section of the application form.
You must tick the 'opt in' box to participate in RecruitAbility. Simply declaring that you have a disability will not
automatically include you.

Reasonable adjustments

We provide reasonable adjustments such as access, equipment or other practical support at relevant stages of
the recruitment process. Please ask us if you need any adjustments made. [Insert contact officer details]

Applications: Diversity data

It is suggested that agencies add the following questions to the Diversity section of their application forms.

[The following is an example of a standard equal employment opportunity question]

Are you a person with a disability?

Yes No Prefer not to say

[The following is an example of a standard reasonable adjustments question]

Do you require reasonable adjustments to attend assessment activities/interview?

Yes No

If you answered yes, please describe:

RecruitAbility: an opportunity for job applicants with disability.

You will be progressed to further assessment if you declare you have a disability, opt into RecruitAbility, and meet the
minimum requirements for the vacancy.

I have a disability, according to the definition below, and wish to opt into RecruitAbility. I understand my
application will need to be assessed as having met minimum requirements for the vacancy.

Definition: The RecruitAbility disability definition is a current limitation, restriction or impairment, which has lasted, or
is likely to last, for at least six months and restricts everyday activities. This also includes episodic conditions if they
are likely to recur. For more information see the Australian Public Service Commission's RecruitAbility webpage at

Last reviewed: 
29 March 2018