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The Commissioner's response

The Australian Public Service Commission initiated this independent capability review to better understand how well placed is the organisation to meet current and future challenges and how can the Commission best position itself for the future.

The public service is undergoing unprecedented change and emerging expectations of Government and agency heads, together with the Government's response to the APS Review, will continue to bring new and expanded responsibilities for the Commission. The Commission has initiated a range of strategic and operational improvements to prepare for this change.

The capability review was timely and has been extremely valuable in testing the Commission's progress and preparedness with an independent perspective of strengths, capability gaps and areas for future focus.

I am pleased that this review affirms that the Commission has a dedicated and highly engaged workforce with deep technical expertise and track record of delivering activities that are highly valued across the service. This is a testament to the quality and commitment of our people and we will continue to build on these strengths.

The review also acknowledges the challenges of the Commission's current funding model and proposes an approach to develop a more sustainable revenue base in collaboration across the service. I am supportive of exploring opportunities to reduce administrative burden while improving the impact of the Commission's activities across the APS.

The Executive leadership team agree with the key areas of focus identified by the review and accept its recommendations to support the future development of the Commission.

I do not support the organisation structure proposed in the document. The Commission will continue to adapt management structures and ways of working to further empower staff. The Commission is committed to a renewed focus and investment in the development of our people who are the foundation of its success.

I would like to thank the independent review team led by Mr David Tune AO PSM and supported by Nous Group for their professional and considered approach, and for the engagement of staff and external partners in providing valuable insights through the review process.

The Commission's change activities will be developed through an inclusive and collaborative process involving staff. I am confident that we have the commitment and ability to embrace these changes and create a better Commission.

Peter Woolcott AO

Last reviewed: 
5 November 2019