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Be ready for tax time this year

This year, the way you get your payment summary may change. This is because most Commonwealth departments and agencies are now reporting pay, tax and super information direct to the ATO each payday.

“The APS is one of Australia’s largest employers and many of us will start to see the change this year,” Assistant Commissioner Sally Bektas said.

If your agency reports pay, tax and super information direct to the ATO each payday, you’ll be able to access your payment summary information now called an income statement through myGov. Go to ATO Online Services to find your income statement. You can also find your year-to-date pay, tax and super information there any time you need it.

“If you use a registered tax agent at tax time to lodge your return, you don’t need to do anything, as your tax agent already has access to this information,” Sally said.

“If you lodge your own tax return, it's important to wait until your employer marks your information as ‘tax ready’ in myGov, before lodging. Most employers have until 31 July 2019 to do this. If you’re linked to ATO Online Services through myGov you’ll get a message in your myGov Inbox when your income statement is tax ready.”

Agencies who aren’t yet reporting to the ATO each payday will still provide a payment summary. Read more about Single Touch Payroll and accessing your payment summary.

myGov changes to ATO online

A recent change to the way you access ATO Online Services via myGov means all users now need security codes set up. Similar to online banking, security codes can be sent as an SMS to your mobile.

Using security codes to sign-in helps ensure your information is safe and your myGov account is only accessed by you.

To update your myGov sign-in option, go to your myGov 'Account settings' at the top of the page, select 'Sign-in options' and turn on 'Receive a code by SMS'. Or if you’re traveling overseas or have limited mobile reception you can download the myGov Access app.

For more info, visit ato.gov.au/online.

Last reviewed: 
30 May 2019