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BizLab Academy takes their Human Centred Design training on the road!

The BizLab Academy has been running for six months and is excited to announce that in early 2019 it will be offering training in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Since the Academy launched in June 2018, the team has been overwhelmed with the demand and appetite for Human Centred Design (HCD) training across the APS. It now has over 150 Alumni from a range of APS departments.

Most public servants have attended a training course that has filled them with motivation, enthusiasm and enlightenment, but this has quickly worn off once they're back in the office.The BizLab Academy recently ran an ideation workshop to develop concepts for how they can better support Alumni after they've completed the training. Over the next six months, alongside continuing to offer the Academy HCD training, BizLab plan to implement some of these ideas to ensure the culture changes are real, lasting and tangible.

BizLab Academy’s next 3 day HCD 1.01 course in Canberra will be in February 2019. Check the website for dates and details.

Last reviewed: 
3 December 2018