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Is change possible? A message from the Independent Review of the Public Service

With the largest review of the public service in more than 40 years underway, 2019 is a great opportunity to do things differently.

But why would we want to? And is change even possible?

The Australian Public Service already plays a major role in this democracy, society and economy. Our work is highly regarded around the world. We build on more than a century of service. And our genuine desire to help this country is a powerful thing.

As Australia enters a time of rapid change over the coming decades, so too will the APS.

We’ve heard our culture and systems aren’t flexible. You’ve told us the role of the Australian Public Service has weakened, and trust and respect in the institution has dropped. Many of you may be frustrated  by not meeting expectations or doing as much as we would like.

Like every other organisation, our future looks very different with new expectations from the people we serve, social changes and geopolitical shifts, technological advances and changes in how we work.

The public service is not set up to adapt. It’s been hard to adjust to the challenges of today, let alone the ones we see coming. And history has shown we’re not quick to change.

With your help, our independent panel has been working on a plan, to set us up to do a great job for the country in the coming decades.

If we are going to do this right, we need your help; take a quick survey or share your ideas. After nine months of research and conversations, the panel will share detailed suggestions for your feedback on 19 March 2019. Stay tuned.

Last reviewed: 
28 February 2019