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Circular 2002/6 - Release of new booklets

Attached are copies of the Australian Public Service Commission’s latest booklets on Outsourcing and on Delegations.

These booklets are part of a series of guides issued by the Commission following the passage of the Public Service Act 1999.

The booklet on outsourcing provides advice on the legal context, key principles and good practice issues that need to be addressed in managing the human resource aspects of outsourcing. The booklet on delegations provides information about delegations under the current legislative framework for public sector employment.

The booklets have been distributed separately to Heads of Departments and Agencies. In addition, the booklets will be available on the Commission’s website at www.apsc.gov.au. Further copies of the publications may be obtained through Canprint (tel 02 6293 8383). Book orders for less than 500 copies are provided free of charge. Book orders over 500 copies are charged at $1250 per 500 and pro rata thereafter.

Enquiries about the information contained in these booklets should be directed to the Commission’s Helpline on (02) 6202 3859.

Lynne Tacy

Deputy Public Service Commissioner

July 2002

Last reviewed: 
29 March 2018