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Circular 2004/9 - Electronic publication of two Commission advices - Conditions of Engagement and Ongoing Employment

The purpose of this Circular is to advise agencies that the following two publications are now available on the Commission's website:

  • Conditions of engagement
  • Ongoing employment-Recruitment and related issues.

The publications are numbers 14 and 15 in the series of guides issued by the APS Commission following the passage of the Public Service Act 1999 (the Act) and replace the advices and circulars listed in Attachment A.

These publications provide Agency Heads, and agency staff more generally, with advice on the basic obligations that arise primarily out of the Act which agencies must observe, and around which they should establish appropriate agency-specific arrangements.

The two new electronic publications are designed to assist agencies and managers in exercising their authority under the Act in regard to recruitment and related issues including the imposition of conditions of engagement. They also provide general guidance to Human Resource practitioners and line managers on their obligations under the Act while acknowledging the need for agencies to develop internal employment policies that meet their particular operational requirements.

The publications will only be available in electronic form.

The Commission would welcome any feedback on the content or format of the publications. This should be sent to the email address listed below.

Termination publication

Earlier this year, the Commission revised the Termination of Employment booklet. The revised booklet is also only available in the electronic form. Any remaining copies of the booklet Termination of Employment 2002 should be removed from circulation.

Further advice

For further information on the publications you may contact the Commission's Employment Policy Adviceline either by phone-on (02) 6202 3859 or by email-employmentadvice [at] apsc.gov.au.

David Bohn

Group Manager

Policy Group

22 December 2004

Attachment A

Revoked Commission advices and circulars


  • Public Service Act Advice No 6: Staffing Actions: Ongoing Employees (non-SES)
  • Public Service Act Advice No 29: Limitations on the Engagement of persons who have received a redundancy benefit
  • Public Service Act Advice No 24: Miscellaneous Issues (Right of Return for election candidates(Paragraphs 27-30)
  • Public Service Act Advice No 36: Engagement of ongoing and non-ongoing non-SES employees (all the ongoing employment component)


  • Circular 2001/2 Requirements for APS employees seeking to contest an election
  • Circular 2002/2 Amendments to the Public Service Commissioner's Directions on the Engagement of Persons who have received a redundancy benefit from Commonwealth employment
  • Circular 2002/11 Engagement of Ongoing and Non-ongoing APS Employees
  • Circular 2003/2 Engagement of Ongoing and Non-ongoing APS Employees
  • Circular 2003/3 Cancellation of Section 26 Agreements
  • Circular 2003/8 Temporary Assignments and Temporary Movements of Staff.
  • Circular 2004/2 Citizenship provisions relating to employment in the APS
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