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Circular 2005/2 - Advice to agencies on the continuation of allocating AGS Numbers

The purpose of this circular is to advise agencies about the use of Australian Government Staff Numbers (AGSNs) with regards to the introduction of ComSuper's new Public Sector Superannuation Scheme Accumulation Plan (PSSAP).

On 1 July 2005 any employee starting in the APS who is eligible to join ComSuper will join the PSSAP*. Comsuper have advised that the unique identifier for the PSSAP is a ten digit membership number which uses a different algorithm to AGSN to check the validity of the number. This means that agencies cannot store both numbers in the same field if the validity of the number is to be checked.

While the membership number will be used in agencies' HR systems to report to Comsuper, the Australian Public Service Commission still requires all employees under the Public Service Act 1999 (PS Act) to be assigned an AGSN. AGSN is an essential identifier for maintaining the APS Employment Database (APSED) which is an important source of data for APS employment analysis and planning. Comsuper's membership number will not be allocated to all staff, and so cannot be used instead of AGSN.

AGSN is also required for movements notified in the Public Service Gazette.

Further advice

Advice on the allocation of AGSNs can be found on the APS Commission website

* Advice on eligibility for CSS, PSS and PSSAP can be obtained from the ComSuper website

If staff in your agency have further questions about the information in this circular, they may contact the Commission on 02 6202 3711.

Lynelle Briggs

May 2005

Last reviewed: 
5 June 2018