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Circular 2007/4 - APSjobs website and the Australian Public Service Gazette

There have been recent changes to the presentation of the Australian Public Service Gazette (APS Gazette) with the release of a new website, www.APSjobs.gov.au.

The APSjobs websiteprovides a single entry point for job seekers looking for APS employment opportunities, with enhanced facilities for both job seekers and agencies. It includes:

  • Find Jobs —an improved search function allowing job seekers to look for jobs in a specified category, classification or location
  • Email Me Jobs —a facility for job seekers to receive weekly email alerts of job vacancies of a nominated type
  • Ready Now —a register of former APS employees ready for short term work
  • Branching Out —a page for agencies to advertise mobility and movement opportunities across the APS
  • Campaigns —a page for agencies to advertise upcoming large scale recruitment initiatives or campaigns targeting specific skills
  • Senior Executive Service— a section bringing together all Senior Executive Service (SES) vacancies, promotions, engagements, and other employment actions
  • a resource section with information on APS employment conditions and links to Cracking the Code, a plain English guide to applying for jobs in the APS, as well as to other related websites.

The APS Gazette forms part of the APSjobs website and continues to contain employment opportunities and other employment decisions, such as promotions. Some parts of the APSjobs website, including Branching Out and Campaigns, do not form part of the APS Gazette.

Legislative changes have been made to cease the publication of the paper version of the APS Gazette and enable job vacancies and certain employment decisions to be notified only in an electronic version of the APS Gazette.

Gazetting employment decisions

In exercising their employer powers, agency heads must notify certain decisions in the APS Gazette—regulation 3.12 of the Public Service Regulations 1999 (the Regulations) sets out the majority of these decisions. These include employee engagements, movements, promotions and terminations of employment.

The Australian Public Service Commission publishes the APS Gazette each Thursday. The bulk of the APS Gazette contains job vacancies and promotions. For some years the APS Gazette material has been available electronically in addition to the paper Gazette. With a substantial decline in the use of the paper APS Gazette, action has been taken to cease publication. The online version provides better access for individuals and has been the overwhelmingly preferred form of accessing the information.

The electronic version of the APS Gazette has been redeveloped and incorporated within the APSjobs website. The publication of the paper APS Gazette ceased after the 2 August 2007 issue.

Legislative changes

In addition to amending the Regulations and the Public Service Commissioner's Directions 1999 (the Directions) to enable job vacancies and certain employment decisions to be notified in an electronic version of the APS Gazette (now officially called the 'electronic APS Employment Gazette'), some other minor changes have also been made to improve the drafting of some provisions and remove an obsolete provision.

The changes came into effect on 8 August 2007. The amending Regulations (No.1 of 2007) and a consolidated version of the Regulations are available on the ComLaw website at http://www.comlaw.gov.au/. The amending Directions (No.1 of 2007) and a consolidated version of the Directions are available on the Commission's website.

These changes will not affect the publication of various other paper gazettes produced by other Australian Government agencies. There are also provisions in the Public Service Act 1999 which require gazettal of some matters (such as Secretaries' remuneration) and these will continue to be published in a paper gazette.

Further advice

HR areas can obtain further information on any policy matters raised in this circular from the Commission's Employment Policy Advice page. It may be appropriate for more complex or sensitive queries to be dealt with in writing.

Further information on matters relating specifically to the APS Gazette or APSjobs is available by phone on (02) 6202 3559 or by email on APSjobs [at] apsc.gov.au.

Georgia Tarjan
Group Manager
Policy Group17 August 2007

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31 May 2018