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Circular 2011/2: Salary threshold advice relating to Part 2.1 of the Australian Public Service Bargaining Framework and supporting guidance


Part 2.1.6 of the Australian Public Service Bargaining Framework (APSBF) Supporting Guidance states that in order to facilitate a reduction in pay dispersion across the Australian Public Service (APS), agencies with staff paid below the 5th percentile of APS salaries (referred to as the ‘salary threshold’) may bring forward a higher wage increase for those employees, subject to affordability and good faith bargaining requirements.

Part 2.1.7 of the APSBF Supporting Guidance states that the APSC will publish and advise agencies of the salary threshold for each APS and EL classification from time to time. Accordingly, the APSC advises the salary thresholds at Attachment A of this Circular, expressed as a full time annual salary rate against each classification. These salary thresholds are effective from the date of this Circular.

Any measures taken to increase the remuneration of employees below the salary threshold will not be counted toward the agency’s Nominal Expiry Date (NED) to NED Average Annualised Wage Increase (AAWI), as calculated by the Australian Public Service Commission (APSC).

Agencies are reminded that any improvements to pay and conditions are to be funded from within existing budgets, without the redirection of program funding.

Further advice and information

Should you require further information or assistance on this matter, please contact the Commission.


Helen Bull
General Manager
Workplace Relations Group
1 March 2011

Attachment A

APS salary thresholds as at 28 February 2011
Classification Salary Threshold ($)*

* Salary thresholds against each classification level have been rounded upwards to the nearest $100.

The minimum salary thresholds for each classification have been calculated from remuneration data collected from a census of all APS employees currently employed under the Public Service Act 1999.  Data collected represents APS employees’ salaries as at 30 November 2010.  Employee salary has been calculated as the sum of base salary plus performance pay.  The data includes employees subject to terms and conditions of enterprise agreements and individual arrangements.  The ASPC has identified that 5 per cent of APS employees at each classification may currently be receiving salaries less than the relevant salary threshold. 

APS 1 32,800
APS 2 43,100
APS 3 49,100
APS 4 55,300
APS 5 61,600
APS 6 67,900
EL 1 86,000
EL 2 102,200
Last reviewed: 
19 July 2018