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About Com Club: Northern Territory

The Commonwealth Club of NT Regional Heads Inc, known in short as the "Com Club", provides a network forum for Regional Heads, Regional Managers and senior representatives of Australian Government agencies based in the Northern Territory. The forum offers a supportive, collegial environment to share ideas, knowledge and experience in matters relevant to the Australian Government and the broader Australian Public Service, facilitating Whole of Government interactions for better service delivery in the Northern Territory.

Com Club membership reinforces the importance of collaboration across government agencies based in the Northern Territory when responding to regional challenges. Membership has recently been extended to Northern Territory Government Heads (or their representatives) to further strengthen connection across governments servicing the needs of the Northern Territory population.

Events and conferences

Com Club events are generally held monthly and provide an opportunity for the host agency (either Commonwealth or NT) to showcase and promote their agency and its responsibilities and activities in the region to the network of members. Agencies are encouraged to nominate to host these monthly events, with an annual calendar circulated at the beginning of each year. Other 'ad hoc' events may be arranged to take advantage of visiting guest speakers.

An annual forum is also held comprising a themed event relevant to the policy environment of the North, bringing together appropriate guest speakers chosen to enhance professional development, the sharing of knowledge, and for supporting further networking opportunities.

Com Club welcomes visiting senior officials and guests to attend events and functions hosted during the year.

Who we are

Annual membership is available under the following criteria:

  • Ordinary member – a person who is a Regional Manager/Head or senior representative of an Australian Government agency or Statutory Authority in the Northern Territory, or who is responsible for the activities of an Australian Government agency in the Northern Territory;
  • Associate member – an Ordinary member may nominate one or more of his/her deputy or senior managers to be an Associate member of the Association;
  • Social member – an Ordinary or Associate member who has left the APS, or a Northern Territory Government senior executive.

Our Committee members are:

  • Convenor: tim.hill [at] industry.gov.au (Tim Hill), 0434 606 781
  • Deputy Convenor: Meghan.Bailey [at] dva.gov.au (Meghan Bailey), 0457 749 530
  • Treasurer: mary.bell [at] humanservices.gov.au (Mary Bell), 0451 181 253
  • Secretary: cameron.mcdonald [at] agriculture.gov.au (Cameron McDonald), 0466 425 971
  • Member: nicole.mcnaughton [at] abs.gov.au (Nicole McNaughton), 0413 990 873 
  • Member: Belinda.Carlson [at] industry.gov.au (Belinda Carlson), 08 8923 4408
  • Ex Officio: richard.mcallister [at] coffey.com (Richard McAllister), 0417 718 635
  • Public Officer: susan.briggs [at] education.gov.au (Susan Briggs), 0434 678 580

Contact us

For further information about your local Com Club events, how to become a member or to be included on the network's state distribution list contact:

  • Tim Hill, NT Regional Manager, AusIndustry-Business Services
    Phone: +61 8 8923 4455 Mobile: 0434 606 781
    Email: tim.hill [at] industry.gov.au
  • Susan Briggs, Director, NT State Office, Early Childhood and Child Care State Network
    Phone: +61 8 8936 5184 Mobile: 0434 678 580
    Email Susan.Briggs [at] education.gov.au
Last reviewed: 
7 April 2020