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How to apply for jobs in the Australian Public Service

Get the facts

The Australian Public Service (APS) is not just a job. It’s a great career choice for a wide range of people, including graduates, people returning to the workforce or those looking for a career change.

The APS has a strong connection with all Australians. Being in the APS means you will be actively shaping this country and, as such, we must be reflective of the community we serve; we must work across borders and through barriers; we must always think of the future, and we must impartially serve the government of the day and, through it, all Australians.

Most Australians are eligible to work in the APS, which employs over 150,000 people across Australia and overseas—and it’s not as hard to get an APS job as you may think.

This guide will help you understand:

  • who we are
  • what we do
  • where to look for jobs
  • who to talk to
  • how to apply.

So, if you are interested in:

  • developing professional and personal skills
  • a diverse career through a range of jobs
  • good working conditions in a job that gives you personal satisfaction
  • an opportunity to shape Australia and actively contribute to the Australian community

read on to find out more about applying for jobs in the APS.

Find out more

Get the big picture about what we do and why you should work with us at: 1. The big picture.

If you need help finding an APS job or want more information about APS jobs, see: 2. About jobs in the APS

Find out how to apply for APS jobs and write applications at: 3. Applying for an APS job

If you are beginning your career, or thinking about a new one, see: 4. Entry level jobs

For information about employment pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and for people with disability see: 5. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and 6. People with disability

Got a call for an interview or other form of assessment? Want to know what might happen on the day? See: 7. The interview and other assessment

While most information sheets include tips and hints, for more top tips and frequently asked questions see: 8. Top tips and frequently asked questions

myth vs reality

Public service careers are boring, limited and unproductive

Some people think that the public service is a place where you get stuck in a dead end job. In fact the APS provides one of the most flexible and diverse career paths available. Our jobs are varied, rewarding and we work on issues that affect many aspects of Australian life. We employ people from a variety of backgrounds, experiences and qualifications and provide access to a range of professional development opportunities. The APS is a great place to work and build the skills needed to be a senior leader in either the public or private sector.

in the know

Understanding our recruitment processes and knowing how to apply can increase your chances of getting a job in the APS. 

Last reviewed: 
12 June 2019