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Welcome to the newsletter

Edition: 1

On behalf of the APS Data Professional Stream leadership team, I am excited to introduce the first edition of our network Newsletter, which will deliver information on a range of interesting topics of relevance to your work, development and career as a data professional. I would also like to welcome the 1000-plus Data Professional Stream Network members from over 80 APS agencies who have joined since the launch in September this year.

Each quarter you can expect to see profile pieces from other data professionals; information and updates on developments across the APS data landscape; examples of innovative and interesting data initiatives; as well as information on upcoming events and development opportunities. Each release will provide an update on what we’ve been working on, along with upcoming priorities for the Data Professional Stream.

To help keep our Newsletter interesting and valuable to you, we would love to hear what you’d like to see in future editions.  We are also keen to receive content contributions from members. Please contact us via email with your ideas - aps.dataprofessionalstream [at] abs.gov.au.

Update on the Data Professional Stream

Following the Data Professional Stream’s launch, a key focus has been on the development of a Forward Work Plan. This plan will set out a roadmap for initiatives to be implemented over the coming years.  You can read more about its development in the Looking ahead section of this newsletter.

Other exciting developments include:

Key speaker series –“In conversation with Dr Gruen”

In this speaker series, Head of the Data Profession, Dr David Gruen, will be chatting with a range of private and public sector data leaders and innovators about what capabilities data professionals need now and into the future, and how to develop them. We will be exploring the role that data has played in their careers; their thoughts on the future of data in the public and private sectors, emerging data roles and required skills; and advice for APS data professionals aspiring to make their mark as data innovators and leaders of the future.

I have been fortunate to have previewed Dr Gruen’s first conversation with Anthony Goldbloom, founder and CEO of Kaggle. I promise you will find it entertaining and insightful!

See our Looking ahead page for more information on this series, including how to be notified when the video is available.

Data Graduate recruitment

A specialist APS Data Graduate recruitment process was piloted this year, with close to 80 graduates to commence in data roles across 12 agencies from early 2021. The streamlined process meant that candidates only needed to submit one application and undertake one recruitment process for multiple agencies. Work is underway for the 2022 intake, with more agencies likely to be involved, and the added inclusion of  a data development module as part of the program. If you have friends or relatives who are studying or will be looking for a data graduate role in 2022 encourage them to register their interest in the 2022 APS Data Graduate Program on the ABS careers portal.

Engaging with agencies and data networks

Engagement and collaboration is central to the Data Professional Stream. We regularly connect with our partners in the other APS Professional Streams, looking to learn from each other and harness opportunities. We have also conducted a series of co-design workshops and deep dive sessions to help shape our initiatives and work program. It has been great to have our Senior Working Group members and their representatives involved in these sessions. Thanks to the Digital Transformation Agency for their excellent facilitation and systems support for these workshops - another great example of the benefits of partnering!

We will continue to reach out and connect with other agencies and existing data networks, to share information and identify opportunities for collaboration. Fora we have recently presented to include:

  • Data Champions Network
  • Inter-agency Data Analytics Network
  • Cross Agency Data Management Group
  • Women in Big Data
  • Data Governance Special Interest Group

On behalf of the team, we hope you enjoy reading the articles in this newsletter and find them informative and useful. We’ll be back in touch with the next edition in early 2021.

Best wishes,

Celia Moss

Program Manager – Data Strategy, Integration and Services Division (ABS)

Deputy Chair – APS Data Champions Network