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A decade of Ethics Advisory Services

Sometimes we’re faced with problems that don’t have clear solutions. This is where the Ethics Advisory Service (EAS) comes in. This month marks the tenth anniversary of the service.

Susannah Luck, A/g Group Manager, Integrity, Performance and Employment Policy at the APSC, says the EAS provides guidance on working through dilemmas and difficult situations.

“We’ve helped APS employees manage conflicts of interest; helped agency HR areas with tricky questions about misconduct cases. And we’ve provided advice on the ever-evolving issue of employee participation on social media,” said Susannah.

Since 2009, the EAS has answered more than 7,000 emails and phone calls. The experienced public servants answering the queries provide advice on how to best apply the APS Values and Code of Conduct.

Since 2009, the EAS has given advice and guidance on a wide range of ethical questions and dilemmas in the APS. The service has advised APS employees, Human Resources teams, Senior Executive Service leaders, as well as agency heads. 

“We run through the factors to consider when people are faced with complex choices,” said Susannah.

The EAS is available Monday to Friday, 8.30 am – 5.00 pm at (02) 6202 3737 or ethics [at] apsc.gov.au.

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Last reviewed: 
30 May 2019