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Early ideas from the Australian Public Service Review

Would a future-focussed think tank or a 10-year outlook make it easier to focus on/protect/look after the long term interests of our country and its people?

Those are some ideas coming from the largest review of the Australian Public Service in more than 40 years.

In an open letter to all public servants, Chair David Thodey recapped the APS Review’s thinking so far and highlighted ideas shared for comment on their discussion forum.

‘We will develop a better set of recommendations by testing our thinking,’ David said.

‘A consistent and gratifying message has been that people value your work and want you to succeed.’

‘This review is reaffirming how important the Australian Public Service is as an enduring institution of our system of democracy.’

The review will continue to release more of its thinking for your feedback, including priorities for change, ahead of reporting to government mid-year.

The last time a review like this was done, it set the tone for the public service we have today. Make sure you’re part of this one.

Visit the APS Review site, leave your reaction to what others are saying, add your own ideas and subscribe for updates.

(Image by RLDI photographers)

Last reviewed: 
1 February 2019