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Ethics Contact Officer Network

The Ethics Contact Officer Network (ECONET) plays a key role in supporting the ongoing work of the Ethics Advisory Service (the Service) including promoting the Government's ethical agenda which is focussed on enhancing ethics and accountability in the Commonwealth Public Sector.

In partnership with the Service, the role of the ECONET is to:

  • providing a point of contact within agencies for the dissemination of ongoing Commission information and advice on ethical decision making
  • providing information on agency internal ethical advice systems and contacts that callers to the Service might in some circumstances be referred to
  • providing a point of contact within agencies for advice on the resolution of systemic or sensitive agency ethical issues
  • building the capability within agencies for ethical decision making
  • sharing information, experience and good practice advice on ethical decision making
  • providing feedback on current and emerging ethical issues, including any data to supplement the EAS reporting to Parliament.

Who belongs to the ECONET?

Each Portfolio agency was invited to nominate an Ethics Contact Officer (ECO) for their agency. Over 90 agencies are participating, giving the ECONET broad coverage across the APS and in most aspects of government operations.

Can anybody join the ECONET?

The ECONET is an APS initiative and its representatives are only from APS agencies. An ECO must be nominated by their agency head or delegate to participate.

Is my agency represented?

To find out if your agency is represented contact the Ethics Advisory Service on (02) 6202 3737 or email ethics [at] apsc.gov.au.


The ECONET will operate primarily through a web-based and email interface but will also meet face to face biannually.

Last reviewed: 
7 June 2018