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Executive Level (EL)

The Centre for Leadership and Learning offers a variety of programs to meet the development needs of executive level employees. Please see below to locate the most appropriate opportunity for you.

Executive leadership development

The APS EL2 leadership in practice and EL2 leadership expansion programs strengthen the leadership capability of mid-level managers across the APS. EL2 employees play a pivotal role in converting strategic direction into operational outcomes. They must be highly skilled in balancing a range of competing demands while managing current deliverables and responding to emerging priorities.

These programs include interactions with senior public sector executives, interactive discussions, real-world public sector examples, and workplace learning assignments.

You should discuss with your manager what the most appropriate program is to meet both agency requirements and personal development needs.

The EL2 leadership in practice program is suitable for building skills in:

  • developing the strengths, capability and performance of teams
  • astutely using leadership, management and technical skills to take up the different roles required of leaders in different situations
  • engaging constructively with diverse perspectives and competing interests
  • balancing tensions between emerging agency strategic direction and workplace change and the need to maintain and improve stable, efficient, effective operations
  • building the self-awareness, resilience and agility required to work effectively with the range of tensions faced by EL2 managers.

The EL2 leadership expansion program is suitable for building skills in:

  • assessing the strategic and political context of your work
  • engaging effectively with the range of perspectives, interests and values of stakeholders
  • exercising judgment and making informed decisions that balance risks and possibilities
  • exercising courage in making difficult decisions and delivering independent advice while preserving working relationships

The Women in Leadership program is suitable for enabling women to:

  • Connect with your individual and organisational purpose to undertake challenging work.
  • Engage effectively with diverse interests, values and perspectives.
  • Communicate with presence and authenticity to influence with impact.
  • Exercise formal and informal authority in a leadership role.


Information on leadership programs is available from the Leadership Development team.

Last reviewed: 
4 June 2018