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Finance launches new PGPA Act eLearning

The Department of Finance (Finance) is working on improving stakeholder support by developing products and services focussing on their user needs, continually focussing on user collaboration and personalised engagement.

Finance has redeveloped the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability (PGPA) eLearning modules, initially introduced in 2013 as part of the PGPA Act, to help stakeholders better understand the PGPA Act and Rule.

The eLearning modules have been redeveloped to better reflect the maturing framework. Including a new look, the modules are redesigned for ease of use for greater level of user engagement.

Further to the eLearning modules, work is underway to redevelop the Resource Management pages on the Finance website, including guidance material, to support users.

To view the redeveloped eLearning modules, visit the PGPA eLearning page.

Last reviewed: 
20 January 2021