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Managing inappropriate online conduct by clients or members of the public

The flowchart depicted below has been adapted from Appendix 9 of the NSW Ombudsman's publication, Managing Unreasonable Complainant Conduct Practice Manual (2nd Edition), 2012, page 130.

Note: ** Evaluate considerations to determine if an agency response is needed.

The flowchart shown above is for managing inappropriate online conduct by clients or members of the public. These steps are explained in Part 5 Managing inappropriate online conduct by members of the public.

Step 1 - Monitor and Record

Find negative or inappropriate comments or content about an employee online. Keep records.

Step 2 - Support Staff

Support affected staff as necessary and appropriate. For example, counselling support.

Step 3 - Evaluate

Evaluate considerations (i.e. content, impact, visibility and credibility, apparent purpose/objective and context).

Step 4 - Act

Is a response needed (i.e. public, private, both or no response)?

Step 5 - Follow-up

Follow up with the client. Continue monitoring the internet for negative and/or inappropriate content.

Last reviewed: 
29 May 2018