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The APS offers a variety of careers, allowing you to draw upon your unique military experience and skills.

The diversity of jobs available throughout the APS may come as a surprise to some. You can view, and apply for, all permanent APS jobs via the APSjobs website. As of early 2018, all APS jobs will be listed on this website.

Jobs on the APSJobs website are grouped into broad classifications, which are listed below:

Communications and Marketing

Communications and Marketing staff plan, develop, implement and evaluate information and communication strategies that create an understanding and view of organisations, their goods and services and their role in the community to internal and external stakeholders. Roles in this category include graphic design, indigenous and community engagement, media adviser, public affairs officer and communications officer.

Search APSjobs for communications and marketing careers in the APS.

Engineering and Technical

Engineering and Technical staff plan, organise, direct, control, coordinate, or provide advice on the engineering and technical operations and tasks within organisations. These roles range from trade roles such as draftsperson, technician and electrician to other roles including civil engineer, cartography and examiners.

Search APSjobs for engineering and technical careers in the APS.

Economics, Finance, Accounting and Audit.

All agencies require staff in this category for their operation, and qualified professionals are in high demand. Roles include procurement policy officer, payroll manager, quality surveyor and contract managers.

Search APSjobs for economics, finance, accounting and audit careers in the APS.

Facilities, Trade and Property

Facilities, Trade and Property staff provide a variety of administrative and manual tasks that may involve the use of hand tools, power tools, air tools and small heavy equipment. Examples of roles include logistics manager, support officer, resource coordinator and transport safety investigator.

Search APSjobs for facilities, trade and property careers in the APS.

Human Resources

Human Resource staff plan, implement and evaluate staff recruitment, retention, training and development programs as well as assist organisations to achieve greater efficiency and solve organisational problems. Roles include HR advisor, project officer, security advisor and learning & development coordinator.

Search APSjobs for human resources careers in the APS.

Information and Communication Technology

ICT staff plan, organise, direct, control, coordinate and support the ICT strategies, plans and operations of an organisation to ensure ICT infrastructure and applications support an organisation effectively and efficiently. Network administrator, systems engineer, language analytics and Chief Information Officer are some of the roles available in this category.

Search APSjobs for information technology careers in the APS.

Intelligence, Security and Compliance

Intelligence and Security staff support military operations, policy operations, as well as warning and estimative intelligence. Compliance staff examine, assess, inspect and investigate compliance with applicable legislation and organisational frameworks. Roles include senior security advisor, analysts and liaison officers.

Search APSjobs for intelligence, security and compliance careers in the APS.


Legal staff support the provision of, or provide, legal advice, prepare and draft legal documents, conduct negotiations on behalf of clients, plead cases in court and tribunals, hear legal and other matters in court and tribunals, and interpret, analyse, administer and review the law. If you have a legal background you might be interested in roles including lawyer, legal assistant or case manager.

Search APSjobs for legal in the APS.

Management, Business and Administration

Management and Business staff plan, direct, control, coordinate and have a significant leadership role within an organisation. Administration staff perform a range of administrative tasks in support of an organisation or a manager.

Search APSjobs for management, business and administration careers in the APS.

Policy, Research, Program, Project and International Careers

Roles in this category include strategic systems analyst, safety director and facility strategic manager.

Search APSjobs for policy, resarch, program, project and international careers in the APS.

Service Delivery

Service Delivery staff provide coordinated and structured advice, support and services to citizens and customers. Roles include information officer, grants officer and court support.

Search APSjobs for service delivery careers in the APS.

Science and Health

Science and Health roles include natural and physical sciences, health and allied health professionals and welfare support workers.

Search APSjobs for science and health careers in the APS.

Use the ADF Rank-Level matcher to find out the APS level that could match your rank. You can download the Rank-Level matcher guide here.

Last reviewed: 
9 September 2019