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ALERT: New HR hotline for mental health!

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Whether in your personal life or your role at work, you’ve no doubt seen an increase in people experiencing uncertainty, anxiety, and stress as a result of COVID-19. As the situation continues to take a toll, we as HR professionals must support the mental health of our staff as best we can.

To support you in this effort, the APS HR Professional Stream recently launched the APS COVID-19 HR Hotline.

The hotline is is a short-term, free service funded by the ATO. It is available to all HR professionals across the APS for immediate access to mental health advice from psychologists to help you guide your organisation through the current circumstances.

The hotline’s specialist support includes:

  • Coaching to help you support the mental wellbeing of managers and staff
  • Practical strategies to manage challenging behaviours
  • Advice on helping people manage feelings of uncertainty
  • Tips to remain mentally healthy and minimise feelings of isolation
  • Help to recognise signs of distress or when someone needs more support
  • Guidance to support distressed staff or those dealing with grief
  • Information on self-care and maintaining your wellbeing.

Here are some examples of how it can support your work in HR:

  • You are helping Mary support her employee, Nancy, who is anxious about being at work and spreading the virus. You contact the helpline for strategies to give to Mary, to help Nancy continue her work during the circumstances.
  • Fred has a health condition but wants to be in office rather than do home-based work. You want to support Fred to look after his health and work from home. You call the hotline for guidance to encourage him to work from home.
  • You’ve had an influx of work from COVID-19 and your children’s school has closed to instead offer online learning. You want tips to help you manage your competing work and life priorities.

For fast mental health support, call the hotline on 1800 966 035 from 8am-6pm (AEDT) Monday to Friday, or email apshr.support [at] carfi.net.au.

For more information, look at the latest APS Hotline information on GovTEAMS.

Last reviewed: 
3 November 2020