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Laptop displaying future of digital careers in the APS online

The future of digital careers in the APS

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What has the APS Digital Professional Stream been up to since they launched in April? So glad you asked!

Similar to our own HR Stream, the Digital Stream has been working hard to uplift capability and improve career pathway options in the digital space. One way they’ve done this is through their Digital Career Pathways program – specifically, via the brand new APS Career Pathfinder tool.

The Pathfinder tool will let users see how their skills and interests apply to different APS roles, plus what new skills they need to develop to pursue particular career pathways. People can then identify the learning resources needed to develop those skills.

Although still an early prototype, the project team have defined around 150 digital roles and plan to add more. They also have plans to extend the functionality of Pathfinder. For example, creating a register of user skills that would allow APS agencies to easily find qualified applicants, and send them an invitation to apply for vacant positions.

Even though you may not think of yourself in the digital space, the Pathfinder tool could still be a valuable resource in your HR tool kit. For instance, it could help you understand the different digital requirements for workforce planning, or support managers having professional development discussions with their staff.

The Digital Transformation Agency has released the first stage of the Pathfinder tool for public testing and feedback. Check it out, and if you’d like to learn more email capability [at] dta.gov.au.

Last reviewed: 
17 November 2020