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Getting it right from the start

Edition: 6

The goal and core function of the APS HR Professional Stream strategy is to build strategic HR capability in the APS. As part of the Network, you’ve seen our focus on developing strategic HR skills through articles, webinars and other activities over the past year.

But we’ve also been working on changes at the senior leadership level.

Recently, Jacqui Curtis announced the launch of the ‘Getting it right’ initiative. Starting from 9 November, a senior HR leader will sit on all key HR EL2 and SES recruitment panels. This will help to ensure the APS gets the best people in key roles – including those with the knowledge, experience and capability necessary to lead and advance the HR profession.

‘It’s absolutely vital to the HR capability that we recruit HR leaders that have deep knowledge and understanding of HR and our needs for the future,’ Neal Mason, Chief People Officer at the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment said. ‘We have a much better chance of getting the right person from the start if we have an HR expert on the panel to identify and recommend leaders that are going to uplift the capability.’

The panellists are identified senior APS individuals who will bring relevant strategic HR knowledge and skills to the recruitment process, as well as an independent perspective. This will help agencies and departments identify the capabilities required to support the professionalisation of the HR workforce, as well as the requirements of a specific HR role. 

‘In the past we may have missed opportunities to recruit a trailblazer because we lacked the expertise on the panel to spot it,’ Neal acknowledges. ‘This initiative puts us in a better position to identify the next cohort of HR leaders that are going to take the capability to the next level.’

 ‘Getting it right from the start’ will help ensure we can continue advancing HR with the right people. Yet it is just one of the many initiatives underway to build a world-class HR workforce and lead the APS towards becoming more agile, innovative and efficient.

You can find out more about the initiatives to deliver the APS HR Professional Stream Strategy by joining the APS HR Professional Network GovTEAMS community.

Last reviewed: 
17 November 2020