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GovTEAMS – our shared digital workspace

Edition: 1

Teamwork makes the dream work, right? Then GovTEAMS must make the … Gov-dream work?

We’re excited about the new platform and the quickly growing APS HR Professional Network.

GovTEAMS is our shared digital workspace, where we can chat, share resources, link up teams and break down problems. We have over 700 members already, so make sure you join today, to connect across teams, agencies, cities and timezones.

Anyone from the APS can sign up to GovTEAMS and join the APS HR Professional Stream group. Make sure you take a look at the resources already in our library and help us build up our shared toolkit. We want to get as much diversity of experience as we can, so join our team and encourage your colleagues to as well.

We know the initial setup experience can be a little slow, so take care to follow the prompts closely and try FireFox or Chrome if you can for the best experience. Once you’ve signed up, it’s much easier to access the second time.

GovTEAMS is your chance to tell us what you want from the professional stream. We’re currently running a poll on what you’d most like to see next year – so get in early and let us know.

Last reviewed: 
3 November 2020