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Make the most of everything you’ve learned this year

Make the most of everything you’ve learned this year

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In a year that was anything but normal, keeping up to date with your professional development takes dedication. But regularly investing time into learning and growing professionally is important for everyone, no matter who you are. 

All AHRI professional members, including those who have completed AHRI’s certification, must undertake continuing professional development (CPD) to keep their HR skills and knowledge current.

But it’s important to ensure you keep your HR skills and knowledge up to date – even if you’re not an AHRI member.

The webinars and podcasts we’ve delivered throughout the year can all count towards your CPD. Generally they fall under ‘type 3 – Conferences and Seminars’ and equate to 1 CPD point per hour of attendance. Just record your CPD against your AHRI profile before the end of the year so everything is in one, easy-to-reference spot.

Below is a quick summary of our events from the year. Did you catch them all? Make sure you do – you can find all the recordings on Govteams.


Event name



What is strategic HR?

Jacqui Curtis, HR Head of Profession and Chief Operating Officer, ATO

Jon Scriven, Former Group Executive People, QANTAS

Katherine McLennan, Chief Strategy and Talent Officer, EFIC


APS-wide HR professional COVID-19 webinar

Jacqui Curtis, HR Head of Profession and Chief Operating Officer, ATO

Justine Greig, Deputy Secretary Defence People, Department of Defence

Mary Wiley-Smith, Deputy Australian Public Service Commissioner, APSC 

Mark Belanti, registered psychologist, Carfi


APS Redeployment – Practical ways to keep staff connected

Belinda Casson, Assistant Secretary, Department of Education, Skills and Employment


COVID-Safe with Comcare –transitioning back to the workplace

Sue Weston PSM, CEO, Comcare

Aaron Hughes, General Manager, Claims Management Group, Comcare

Justin Napier, General Manager, Regulatory Operations Group, Comcare


Commonwealth Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Workforce Strategy 2020 – 24

Caroline Walsh, Group Manager, Inclusion Group, APSC

Karyn Ervin Director, Implementation and Engagement, APSC

Rachael Jackson, Chief Operating Officer, NIAA

Wendy Ah Chin, Branch Manager, NIAA


Thinking in Systems: Tools for HR Practitioners

Misha Kaur, Assistant Commissioner Design, ATO

For even more fascinating HR learning opportunities, don’t forget to check out the podcast series HR in Focus. The first season of this informative podcast features six episodes with HR practitioners who discuss their Capstone project completed as part of their AHRI certification. Topics include: Leadership and Talent Development, Workforce Planning, Workforce Flexibility, Return to Work and improving HR Team Connection and Collaboration. These podcasts can be streamed from here or found within most music streaming providers.

Finally, as mentioned in the foreword, this excerpt of a podcast recorded with the NSW government earlier this year is a great opportunity to hear from our Head of Profession Jacqui Curtis in detail on the key qualities that are required for a highly credible, adaptable and flexible HR function that can create confidence and certainty in what is often a very ambiguous and uncertain environment.

In a year that challenged all of us, no one could doubt the relevance of HR to the future of the APS. Keep your skills and knowledge current by continuing to invest in your professional development.

Last reviewed: 
18 December 2020