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ILS - A guide to the to the Integrated Leadership System


The Integrated Leadership System was developed by the Australian Public Service Commission to support the building and sustaining of strong APS wide leadership. Launched in July 2004, it was the result of extensive research and collaboration with many APS agencies. The system provides capability descriptions and desired behaviours for Executive Level 1 through to SES Band 3 as well as tools for both agencies and individuals to use in their leadership development across the APS.

Since 2004 there has been considerable uptake of the ILS across the APS and many agencies have adopted and adapted it as a fundamental tool in their development planning. It is an integral resource in many of the Commission's executive and senior executive development programmes and in the Career Development Assessment Centres.

The Commission recognises the regard in which the ILS is held across the APS and also by other jurisdictions and internationally. We continue to support its use by providing related development opportunities and additional online resources and will continue to work with agencies to support them in using the ILS in their development planning.

Last reviewed: 
30 May 2018