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The Indigenous Champions Network

The Indigenous Champions Network is an advocacy body, committed to leading and driving initiatives aimed at increasing the workplace experience for all Australian Public Service (APS) Indigenous Australians. Champions are senior representatives from various Australian Government agencies. The role of the network includes promoting and facilitating the sharing of good practice and collaboration between agencies as well as exploring new ideas that lead to better employment outcomes for Indigenous employees. The network meets quarterly and is supported by a secretariat through the Department of Human Services.

The Department of Human Services leads the Indigenous Champions Network, a network of senior representatives who are committed to improving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment outcomes across the Australian Public Service

The Champions Network promotes and facilitates the sharing of good practice and collaboration between agencies such as joint implementation of initiatives and develops mechanisms to consult with and involve employees on issues that affect them. The netowrk also improves the visibility of diversity, as it relates to Indigenous employees, within APS agencies and heightens acceptance of the business case for engaging, retaining and promoting Indigenous employees.

The Network is committed to two key projects:

  1. To look at ways more Aboriginal and Torres Strait employees can be supported to become senior executives; and
  2. A focus on recruitment, retention and development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees in regional areas.

How DHS can assist other agencies:

  • DHS can further facilitate agencies' participation in the Indigenous Champions Network by leading working groups.
  • DHS will continue to lead the network as Secretariat.

For more information, please email GM.PEOPLE.POLICY.OPERATIONS [at] humanservices.gov.au

Indigenous Regional Presence Working Group

In October 2014, the ICN established a working group to focus on strategies that build a regional presence for Indigenous APS employees. The strategies, developed by the Indigenous Regional Presence Working Group focus on buddy and mentoring programs; active career planning, career development and secondments; regional cultural growth and employee retention strategies.

Last reviewed: 
3 October 2019