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‘A document does not bring about reconciliation, people do. The Australian Public Service Commission is committed to making our RAP a living document and to see through its implementation’.

It is our privilege to introduce the Australian Public Service Commission’s (the Commission) fourth Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). The Commission’s RAP Working Group, under the guidance of the Commission’s Indigenous Champion, have developed this document to support the Commission to drive reconciliation across the public service. The themes set out in the RAP provide measurable actions over the next two years including valuing relationships, respecting Indigenous cultures and growing opportunities for reconciliation. These actions support previous initiatives and continue to build on the foundations set in previous RAPs.

The Commission is committed to improving employment outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees across the Commonwealth public sector. This RAP highlights some initiatives to promote learning and understanding of thier culture. This supports our journey to reconciliation. In practice, this means we share our learnings with other government agencies, guide our employees to enhance their cultural knowledge and understanding, and provide support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees throughout the workforce.

Our RAP allows us to explore opportunities for growth towards reconciliation over the coming years and into the future. It is crucial that we support each other to grow respectful relationships and provide opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Peter Woolcott AO
Australian Public Service Commissioner

Richard Bartlett
Indigenous Champion,
First Assistant Commissioner


Last reviewed: 
7 July 2020