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Key outcomes - Latest

Meeting date: 4 November 2020

At the 4 November 2020 Integrity Agencies Group meeting, the Group discussed:

Terms of reference


The mission of the Integrity Agencies Group (IAG) is to ensure that integrity is at the centre of the work of the public sector, and that the APS approach to integrity is integrated, capable, agile and transparent.


The IAG leads coordination, enhancement and promotion of institutional integrity across the Commonwealth, including by: 

  • Championing an integrated and collaborative approach to integrity within Commonwealth agencies and look for opportunities for improvement.
  • Identifying gaps in existing capability, processes and practices for dealing with integrity risks
  • Sharing information about activities and trends in integrity assurance and combating corruption
  • Informing itself about Commonwealth integrity and anti-corruption strategies, with the objective of supporting coherent and well informed activity
  • Engaging with major government reform initiatives to ensure due regard is paid to adopting modern integrity and anti-corruption practices.
  • Promoting the importance of complaint resolution, auditing, independent investigations and transparency as key elements of an integrity framework.

Governance arrangements:

The IAG will meet twice a year, or more frequently if required.

IAG membership is at the agency head level (or, where formal acting arrangements are in place, acting agency head level).

Meetings will be chaired by the Australian Public Service Commissioner.

Secretariat support will be provided by the Australian Public Service Commission.

A brief communique articulating outcomes of each meeting will be published on the IAG page on the APSC website.


The Integrity Agencies Group includes:

Key outcomes - Previous

Meeting date: 14 July 2020

At the 14 July 2020 Integrity Agencies Group meeting, the Group discussed the:

  • recent integrity related reports including the Sex Discrimination Commissioner’s Respect@Work Report and the ANAO’s latest Audit Insights publication;
  • consultations undertaken to date to inform the project around reinforcing integrity in the APS and early themes arising; and
  • proposed revisions to the APSC’s Social Media Policy.

Meeting Date: 6 March 2020

At the 6 March 2020 Integrity Agencies Group meeting, the Group discussed:

  • the role of the IAG in working with the Office of the Pacific and our regional partners in ensuring public sector integrity in the Pacific;
  • proposed project plan for the APS reforms on reinforcing integrity in the APS; and
  • an update on the Government’s proposed Commonwealth Integrity Commission.

Meeting date: 12 December 2019

At the 12 December 2019 meeting of the Integrity Agencies Group (IAG), it was agreed that the Terms of Reference and governance arrangements for the Group would be updated.

The revised Terms of Reference clearly capture the IAG’s critical leadership role in driving and championing institutional integrity as a core capability of the APS, with a particular focus on leading coordination, enhancement and promotion of a pro-integrity culture in the APS.

The IAG discussed the status of the Government’s Commonwealth Integrity Commission bill, implementation of proposals outlined in the APS Review, and proposed updates to APSC guidance materials on integrity matters which are planned in 2020.

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20 January 2021