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The Centre for Leadership and Learning at the Australian Public Service Commission provides:

  • consistent, quality and cost effective development of the core skills of Australian public servants
  • contemporary leadership development programs for senior leaders in the APS
  • talent management practices that support succession management for critical roles in the APS
  • development solutions for all APS employees at any point in their career.

This provides information on the online learning products we offer, specifically designed to support staff continue to develop capability as many work remotely during the national response to COVID-19.  Learning products are categorised using three capability areas: Leadership, Core Skills and New to the APS.

We recognise capability development is of fundamental importance for all APS employees. It helps to build their skills and capability, and ensures that the APS has a highly capable workforce supporting the Government and the Australian people.

APS employees should continue to build their skills and capability during this crisis. This will mean our highly capable workforce will continue to readily deliver and support services during the national response, as well as when we emerge on the other side. 

This is why the Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) is partnering with APS agencies, academia and other organisations to ensure capability development continues to be available for APS employees.

The online learning opportunities provide APS employees with access to quality capability and leadership development tools, resources and activities.

You may want to access some resources using your personal devices.  There will be something for everyone. 

APS Online Learning Catalogue

APS employees will be able to access a range of capability and leadership development options online, and in a way that best meets their learning preferences and needs. 

There are a range of different delivery methods in the APS Online Learning Catalogue including:  

Self-Directed Learning

A curated range of online resources, such as:

  • articles
  • videos
  • podcasts
  • TedTalks
  • webinar recordings
  • and worksheets.

eLearning Courses

Structured courses, including specific online modules, which people can complete at their own pace.

Interactive Virtual Courses

Using technology to connect people with people, interactive virtual sessions offer facilitated content via a virtual classroom. This approach mimics a face to face environment and may include small and large group discussions, direct teaching from a facilitator, and breakout rooms.

Blended Learning

An option that incorporates a mixture of two or more delivery approaches.

Please note: APS employees may need to access some elements using their own personal devices.

Using the APS Online Learning Catalogue

The APS Online Learning Catalogue can be accessed via APSLearn.

The catalogue can be browsed by:

  1. Category (Leadership, Core skills, New to the APS),
  2. Program name.


Leadership is at the heart of how we resolve today’s complex problems. Strong and effective leadership is essential for the APS to successfully serve government and the citizens of Australia.

The APSC has transformed our leadership offerings so you can continue to develop these capabilities in a virtual classroom setting.

Examples of leadership offerings in the APS Online Learning Catalogue will include:

Self-directed learning

  • Shaping your personal brand
  • Stakeholder relationships
  • Leadership in Crisis
  • Leader’s decision making frameworks
  • Leadership for high performance

eLearning courses

  • Introduction to leadership online program
  • Leaders managing their emotions

Interactive virtual courses

  • EL2 Leadership
  • Breakthrough Conversations
  • SES Orientation
  • SES Band 1 Leadership Development
  • SES Band 2 Leadership Development

Core Skills

Our Core Skills courses develop essential skills for APS employees. We offer a wide range of interesting, practical and insightful learning resources, eLearning courses and interactive virtual courses that help build your capabilities to better serve the government and the citizens of Australia.

Working with People

Builds skills needed to work productively, ethically, respectfully and inclusively in the work place.

Examples of working with people offerings in the APS Online Learning Catalogue include:

Self-directed learning

  • The Psychology of Teamwork
  • Stages of Team Development
  • People Skills You Need to Succeed at Work

eLearning courses

  • Gender equality and women’s empowerment
  • Change Management
  • Diversity and Equal Employment
  • Social Awareness
  • Facilitate and Empower Work Teams

Interactive virtual courses

  • Dealing with Change
  • Working in Teams
  • Building Relationships


Supports staff to use all communication channels effectively.

Examples of communication offerings in the APS Online Learning Catalogue include:

Self-directed learning

  • Effective Communication
  • Secret Structure of Great Talks
  • Shaping Your Personal Brand

eLearning courses

  • Writing Skills – Introduction
  • Writing Effective Emails
  • Clearer Writing and Editing
  • Design and Deliver Effective Presentations

Interactive virtual courses

  • Editing and Proofreading
  • Report Writing in the APS
  • Grammar and Punctuation
  • Influence, Negotiation and Persuasion

Decision-making and judgement

Enhances administrative decision-making and thinking skills.

Examples of decision-making and judgement offerings in the APS Online Learning Catalogue include:

Self-directed learning

  • Core Concepts from Kahneman’s ‘Thinking Fast and Slow’
  • Using Behavioural Science to Improve Decision Making
  • Questions to Help You Make Tough Decisions

eLearning courses

  • Data Literacy Extension
  • Good Decision Making
  • Risk Management Introduction
  • Using Data in the APS
  • Using Statistics

Interactive virtual courses

  • Data Literacy Basic
  • Using Statistic

Strategy and innovation

Builds strategic thinking skills.

Examples of strategy and innovation offerings in the APS Online Learning Catalogue include:

Self-directed learning

  • Strengths of a Strategic Leader
  • Being an Entrepreneur within Government
  • Accelerating Innovation

eLearning courses

  • Creating Problem Solving
  • Working With Information and Ideas
  • An Innovators Approach to Work

Interactive virtual courses

  • Strategic Thinking
  • Creative Thinking at Work

Working effectively in the APS

Strengthen skills in managing work and delivering results.

Examples of working effectively in the APS offerings in the APS Online Learning Catalogue include:

Self-directed learning

  • Working From Home Effectively
  • Project Management
  • Understanding Government

eLearning courses

  • Financial Management and Budgeting
  • Fundamentals in Project Management
  • Monitoring the Implementation

Interactive virtual courses

  • Providing Effective Secretariat Support
  • Structuring Work
  • Developing Project Management Expertise

Public Sector Craft

Develops the fundamental skills required to work in the APS.

Examples of Public Sector Craft offerings in the APS Online Learning Catalogue include:

Self-directed learning

  • Policy Implementation
  • APSC Advanced Public Sector Craft Workbook

eLearning courses

  • Business Continuity in the Public Service
  • Uphold the Values and Principles of the Public Service
  • Business Ethics
  • Commonwealth Resources Management Framework

Interactive virtual courses

  • APS Ethics and Values
  • Finance Essentials
  • Financial Management and Budgeting


Improves people management expertise to enhance the engagement and productivity of teams.

Examples of management offerings in the APS Online Learning Catalogue include:

Self-directed learning

  • Leadership in a Crisis
  • Leading for High Performance in Disruption
  • Guide to Career Conversations
  • Motivating Teams

eLearning courses

  • Being a Leader
  • Managing Your Emotions
  • Coaching and Developing Others
  • Approaching an Employee You Are Concerned About

Interactive virtual courses

  • Managing Remote Teams
  • Building and Leading High Performing Teams
  • Planning and Managing Change
  • Coaching and Developing Others
  • Strategic Leadership

New to the APS

Transitioning into the public sector can be an exciting yet challenging experience. Our ‘New to the APS’ programs are suited for all new starters, from graduates to SES staff. These programs focus on key insights into the role and responsibilities of public employees and will help you transition into your new role and working environment.

Examples of New to the APS offerings include:

  • Self-directed learning
    • Resources available on the APSC website and APSLearn
  • eLearning courses
    • APS Online Induction Portal
  • Interactive virtual sessions
    • SES Orientation

APS Graduate Development Program

Develops skills, capabilities and experience for graduates to work effectively and contribute to a high-performing APS. This program is a partnership between the APSC and graduates’ home agencies.

Workshops and simulations are now being delivered flexibly, using a combination of individual self-directed activity, small team based activities, remote access to a GDP facilitator and assessor, and participation in online forums.  Graduates are also being supported to apply their learning in the workplace, including through coaching.

During the year, graduates participate in a series of workshops and simulated activities.  They complete an agency-based project and are provided with individual coaching.

Topics covered during our graduate development program include:

  • Administrative decision making
  • Planning and structuring work
  • APS ethics and values
  • Written and spoken communication in the APS
  • Stakeholder engagement and management
  • Policy development
  • Financial management
  • Change and resilience
  • Career development


To access APSLearn, please visit www.apslearn.apsc.gov.au.

On this site you can:

  • Review our curated APS Online Learning Catalogue
  • Browse through APSC’s leadership programs and core skills courses
  • Discover how our programs or courses can add to your existing skills and knowledge
  • Identify when programs and courses will be taking place, and which dates work with your schedule
  • Register for a program or course (in the event that your preferred booking is full, you can add yourself to the waitlist and we will notify you if a position becomes available)
  • Manage your upcoming training schedule.

Please note: You must hold an active APSLearn account and be logged into APSLearn to register for a course or program.

Contact us

Phone:  02 6202 3933

Email: Leadership – leadership [at] apsc.gov.au, Core Skills – coreskillsdevelopment [at] apsc.gov.au

New to the APS – coreskillsdevelopment [at] apsc.gov.au

Website: www.apslearn.apsc.gov.au

Last reviewed: 
1 May 2020