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Leadership in the APS

Leadership is at the heart of how we resolve today’s complex problems. Strong and effective leadership is essential to the APS successfully supporting government and meeting community expectations.

We offer online leadership development for Senior Executive and Executive level staff via virtual classroom. For more information visit APSLEARN.

Registrations for the programs are taken from all agencies, which supports connections and networks to form across the APS. For more information about the courses offered visit APSLearn.

Leadership - for people in the most senior roles

In 2017, a set of leadership capabilities for people in the most senior roles were developed as part of the new talent management approach.  The capabilities reflect the expectation that in serving government and citizens, senior APS leaders will provide vision and direction, be influential and collaborative, look for new ways of doing things that add public value, and build the capability of their teams and organisations. Work is underway to design a development framework for the SES that will help build these capabilities at key stages of a SES career.

Resource:  'Thinking about leadership - a brief history of leadership thought' is available for download.


Last reviewed: 
25 May 2020