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Machinery of Government (MoG) changes: A guide

Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) matters should be addressed early in the MoG change process. This can involve significant time and resources to resolve and implement. Poor planning will increase risk and the cost of getting it wrong can be significant.

1. Agencies are expected to implement change in a way that is consistent with the principles outlined in the Executive Summary.

Information and communications technology strategy

  1. In developing an information and communications technology strategy, consideration should be given to:
    • downloading and re-loading databases, electronic mail and personal drives;
    • diverting electronic mail and phone calls where necessary (generally only necessary if a function has many external stakeholders or where policy guidelines have recently been widely promulgated);
    • developing programs to upload personnel data from the transferring agency's human resources system to the gaining agency's human resources system;
    • arranging for transfer of software (having due regard for any licensing issues) and hardware, including desktop computers, printers and file servers;
    • whether novation of contracts relating to outsourced computer services is required;
    • arranging for employees to transfer to the gaining agency's systems and products, including provision of training, as required;
    • updating gaining and transferring agencies' internet sites to reflect changes, arranging pointers from the transferring agency's site where needed;
    • updating gaining and transferring agencies' intranet sites;
    • creating new logons and email addresses;
    • arranging for information in all formats including records and data to be transferred from the transferring agency to the gaining agency or archived (note that previous website data must be retained not only for archiving purposes but also for FOI purposes);
    • installing cabling and outlets in new accommodation; and
    • providing information on disaster recovery/business continuity plans.

ICT checklist

  1. The following provides a checklist related to ICT specific aspects of MoG changes. It draws on information and advice provided by agencies that have had recent experience in implementing MoG changes.

ICT checklist items for consideration:

  • assets
  • business and corporate systems
  • contracts and procurement
  • directory services/email arrangements
  • domain names and websites
  • government online services
  • network services
  • outward facing contacts
  • parliamentary workflow
  • records management and archiving
  • security
  • service desks
  • shared drives
  • shared services/hosting arrangements
  • social media presence.

More information can be found at http://www.finance.gov.au/resource-management/governance/mog-guide/

Last reviewed: 
4 April 2019