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Make your mark on the future of the APS

The independent panel undertaking a review of the APS has published its thinking on how the APS needs to change to remain fit for purpose in the coming decades. The panel's four priorities for change are built on the aspiration of having a trusted public service that is united in serving all Australians.

The four priorities for change are:

  • Strengthening the culture, governance and leadership model.
  • Building a flexible operating model.
  • Investing in capability and talent development.
  • Developing stronger internal and external partnerships.

A range of specific initiatives supports each priority. You can have your say on these on the APS Review website. In particular, the panel wants to hear:

  • How can they strengthen each proposal?
  • What have they missed?
  • How can they ensure lasting change?

The report also includes the panel’s initial thinking on the steps to ensure successful implementation. The panel will deliver its findings and recommendations to the Prime Minister in mid-2019. Further information on 'Priorities for Change' and the review’s new research is available on the APS Review website. The current engagement phase closes on 2 May 2019.

Last reviewed: 
29 March 2019