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Merit Protection Commissioner Annual report 2014-15

The Australian Public Service Commissioner's annual report 2014–15 is provided in accordance with the provisions of section 44 of the Public Service Act 1999 (The PS Act). The report has been developed with the aim of transparent reporting under the Commission's outcome and program structure.


As the Merit Protection Commissioner I am responsible for the delivery of review and fee-for-service functions set out in the Public Service Act 1999 (the PS Act) and the Public Service Regulations (the Regulations)..

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Focus on the year

The Merit Protection Commissioner, as an independent statutory officer, continues to provide an authoritative voice of reason in an often fractured employment relationship and assists in returning the workplace to productive equilibrium.

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Outcomes for the year

This year there was an almost 30% reduction in applications for review over the previous year.

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Outlook for the year

There have been three distinct phases to the development of the Merit Protection Commissioner role during my tenure.

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The information on activity and performance provided in Tables M1 to M7 refers to the Merit Protection Commissioner's statutory functions.

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14 May 2018