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Print-on-demand: Office of the Merit Protection Commissioner

When the Commission has insufficient printed copies of a publication we can make print-ready files available to you for printing. Where possible these are supplied in a high quality PDF format.


Due to either the age of a document, or their intended purpose (i.e. book printing) most documents listed on this page may not meet current web publishing requirements or be compatible with some software.

Where a document is marked as Archive we cannot guarantee the material is complete, correct, up to date, or relevant for your purposes. These documents should not be relied on as a substitute for detailed advice as a basis for making decisions. In any important matter, you should seek professional advice relevant to your particular circumstances.

Please direct enquiries to webmaster [at] apsc.gov.au.

Office of the Merit Protection Commissioner

The following brochures are available for download:

Last reviewed: 
4 June 2018